GIA Minerals Organic Skincare


Naturally Glamorous Cheeks! Ultra rich Blushes, Bronzers, Mineral Glows, and Face Highlighters. A combination of versatile silky colorful finishes with long lasting power enriched with plant based  ingredients such as green tea, jojoba, calendula & rosemary to provide a soft radiant glow.                                      .

  • Mineral Blush - Antioxidant Infused

    Mineral Blush - Antioxidant Infused

  • Blush -  Antioxidant Infused Shades

    Blush - Antioxidant Infused Shades

  • Face Highlighters

    Face Highlighters

  • Facial Mineral Glow

    Facial Mineral Glow

  • Aura Glow - Highlighter Drops

    Aura Glow - Highlighter Drops

    from $24.00
  • Radiance Boosting Cheek / Lip Trio

    Radiance Boosting Cheek / Lip Trio